School Management System

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Schoolmore is a school management system hosted in the cloud. The system is a complete package capable of adapting to the routine processes and workflows of your respective institution, or all schools in a specified location. Schoolmore features everything you require for running your institution in streamlined fashion!

User-Friendliness, Convenience, High Functionality

This highly efficient school management system is entirely based upon user-friendliness. From the dashboards that offer convenient login access for parents, students, teachers, management personnel, and non-teaching staff of your institution, to the wide range of modules provided in this system, you will find everything about Schoolmore highly facilitative towards the proceedings of your institution.

Exceptional Features On Offer

Schoolmore generates certificates and results for students upon the completion of their studies, while also looking after the admission of new students. It further has extensive modules that allow you to manage Grade books, Examinations, Timetable, School News, Attendance, Student and Teacher Management, Statistical Reports, Expenses, School Events/Calendar, and a plethora of other aspects of your institution.

Efficient Finance Module and Internal Messaging

The system further has a Finance module, which provides assistance in allotting and planning varying fee structures to students, in case that is required in your institution. It is an exceptional tool for collaboration thanks to its Blog and Discussion plugin. You will be surprised to know that it also has an internal messaging system, while it can further be integrated with external tools for communication, such as texting and email.

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School Management System