Parents Portal

Our parent portal makes parental involvement a whole lot easier. We amplify the chances of students accomplishing the best grades by empowering open correspondence and joint effort for teachers and parents.

Individualized Portals For Parents

We provide a customized interface that is specifically designed for parents to check and view their children’s academic records, payment history, attendance, timetable, assignment, school events, news etc. Parents have access to only their children's information thereby securing other students privacy.

Removes Barriers Of Communication

The Parent Portal guarantees every parent stays connected by giving guardians their own login credentials tools to communicate with the school or class teacher.

Quick Overview Of Classroom Information

Within just a few clicks, parents rapidly have access to crucial classroom data including:

  • Announcements and Notifications
  • Attendance Records
  • Curriculum and Assessments
  • Grades
  • Homework
  • And a whole lot more!

Information About All Of Your Kids On One Interface

Do you have more than one kid in a school or district? No need to worry! Our Parent Portal merges every one of your children’s data into one area. No need to have multiple logins to view each of your child information.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Guardians can have access to our software through multiple devices thanks to its cross-device compatibility. Whether on the go or using your own PC, the majority of the parent portal’s features are there for you to access.

Mobile-Friendly School Websites Designed For Parents

Parents can access the portal thru their cell phones, tablets, and iPads or desktop using standard browsers with no additional need for hardware or software. It's never been less demanding to watch your children’s accomplishments regardless of how occupied your day may be! The mobile-friendly parental portal gives you the flexibility to view your children academic information anywhere and on demand without a trip to the school.

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Parents Portal